Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Featured Nursery: Breaking the Rules

The fashion and interior design worlds are full of "do" and "don't" lists.  And while there are some "don'ts" that I will definitely never do, I believe there are some rules that can certainly be broken. :)  I recently read this advice on a nursery blog, "Whatever you do, don't do baby blue for a boy's nursery or pastel pink for a girl's nursery."  I have to disagree!  Although it may be the traditional route, why can't you do blue for a boy and pink for a girl?  Design is all about doing what you love, not what someone else tells you that you should love.  And while there are guidelines that can help you find the perfect balance between good design and your personal preferences, this is one piece of advice that I will never give someone.  We went with baby blue in Blake's nursery, and I still love it!  In my opinion, if you want a pastel pink nursery for your baby girl, then go for it!  :)  In that spirit, here's an example of a gorgeous pastel pink nursery for all of my fellow rebels. ;)  For more pictures and details, visit:

What do you guys think? :)


  1. Definitely not the typical "pink" nursery. I adore this.