Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Stylish Diaper Bag?

No, it's not an oxymoron, and yes, they really do exist!  If you're like me and prefer diaper bags that are both practical and stylish, I'll save you the trouble of going through what I went through to find one.  Yes, I actually googled "diaper bags that look like purses" and went from there. ;)  Here are three chic diaper bags that look more like purses, and I've even selected prices that range from high to low to prove that you really can find a cute diaper bag at almost any price point these days. :)


Timi and Leslie Annette Diaper Bag in Pewter, $150


Super Star Diaper Bag in Gray and Yellow, $90


Carter's Metallic Hobo Diaper Bag, $40


  1. I love the medium priced one. . .I like it in the turquoise one as well :) The Carter's one is cute too.

  2. I know, I love that one! :) If I ever need a new one, it will be the one ;)