Monday, February 20, 2012

A 'Cars' Themed Birthday Party

So, I'm getting ready to start planning Blake's 2nd birthday party since we'll be a little preoccupied this spring. ;)  For Blake's 1st birthday party I went with a nautical theme since he wasn't really into anything yet, and Daddy's in the Navy. :)  Well, Blake definitely has interests now!  He likes Thomas the Train, so I had an adorable vintage train theme chosen that I was very excited about.  However, in the last month or so, he has become obsessed with cars-anything and everything cars!  And while I love the Disney 'Cars' movies, I don't really want to go that route.  So, I searched my favorite sites for a vintage car party and found an adorable one from Anders Ruff.  For more pictures and details, visit:

I'll be looking for vintage car paraphernalia and a vintage car canvas to use at the party and later in Blake's new vintage cars bedroom. :)  I found this canvas online that I like:

And as I'm typing this, Blake is zooming around the living room in his car! ;)


  1. That last sentence made me smile really big :)

  2. You can get more cool vintage car stuff here too...