Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Our master bedroom is officially about 50 times lighter than it was yesterday. (Thanks to my Dad, who painted all day!)  After much deliberation and three paint samples later, I finally decided on a fourth color! ;)  We went with Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore, and we love it! :)


Here's a reminder of how our yummy dark chocolate bedroom looked before:

And here's our bright, happy room now!

I also decided to add a diaper station since we change approximately 139 diapers a day on our bed. ;)

We still plan to add crown molding, artwork, and more pillows.  Also, I'm most likely going to paint the mirror over our bed white.  But it'll look like this for at least another week or so because I'm switching to party planning mode now!  I have to get ready for Blake's 2nd birthday party this Saturday!  Anyway, we already love how much brighter it is in here, and I can't wait to add the finishing touches! :)

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