Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Before and After: Guest Bedroom Update

So, we are finally nearing completion on the guest bedroom!  There's only one small DIY project that I'm still considering! :)  And we're under budget, too!  Here are some before and after pictures of the various transitions the guest room has gone through.  The first picture is from the builder, so it's not our exact room.  The only difference is that we have a double window.  The after picture is how it looked after we first moved in and decorated.  The third picture is how the room stayed for about two years, and the last picture is how it looks now! :)

And stay tuned for the nursery reveal that will be coming soon! :)


  1. Love it Tash! Can't wait to see the nursery side!

  2. What's the grey color on the walls?

  3. It's Benjamin Moore Silver Fox. :)