Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bag Lady

I've seen some great organization tips on Pinterest that really get my OCD blood pumping!  There are so many inexpensive ways to organize every aspect of your house, and that is just so exciting to me! :)  Oh, the things that bring joy to a neat freak! ;)  I just recently saw a tip for using a shower curtain rod and rings for purse storage, and this is something I did almost three years ago when we moved into our new home and I found myself with an empty closet.  Here's the picture from Pinterest:

and here's my version :)

My next project is to find a good system for my jewelry.  I have a jewelry armoire that I use for my rings, earrings, bracelets, and more delicate necklaces.  My problem is the multitude of fashion jewelry that has now taken over four shelves in our linen closet. :)  It is organized by color, but it's just taking up too much space right now!  Have any of you found a good system for storing big, chunky jewelry? :)

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