Thursday, April 25, 2013


In November, my husband will be getting out of the Navy after eight years of active duty service.  It was not an easy decision for him to make as the sole provider for our family, but the Lord directed him and gave both of us peace about leaving a comfortable living to embark on an "uncertain" path for the future.  But it's not really uncertain, is it?  We have faith that the Lord will provide for us just as He always has.  And I believe that wholeheartedly!
But when my husband's plan involved selling our home and looking for a two bedroom apartment for the next four years, I said, "No way!"  We started out in a little apartment, and I had no desire to go back to that point.  I found out that it's easy to upgrade, but not quite as easy to downsize. ;)  I didn't realize how attached I'd become to our house until it came time to put it up for sale.  This was the first home we bought as a married couple; the place where we brought both of our boys after they were born.  I realized that even with as much as I had complained about the "builder basic" features that my husband wouldn't let me upgrade, I loved this home!
I rebelled against the idea for a week or so, and finally begged the Lord to change my heart.  I knew I couldn't do it on my own.  You see, I love beautiful things.  If you know me, you're saying, "Amen!" right now.  My mom even remembers me as early as age two picking out my own clothes and accessories and telling her what matched and what didn't. :)  Guess I was just born this way! ;)
Thank goodness, the Lord really has changed my heart!  Whereas two months ago the idea of a little two bedroom apartment had me in tears, I'm now excited about purging and simplifying and moving onto this next phase of life as we prepare for full-time ministry! :)  I've listed a lot of the items to sell that we won't have room for, and people have been so sweet about asking how I'm doing during what can be a difficult time.  And I can honestly say that I have no attachment issues to these items!  The Lord has truly done a work in my heart. :)
He helped me realize that it doesn't take a lot of money or 3,000 square feet to make a home.  It takes a lot of prayer, time, effort, and love.  So, I'm ready to make a little 800 sq ft. apartment our next home!  "Home" has been redefined for me.  I've realized that home for us is going to be wherever my husband and boys are.  Wherever we laugh, love, and live.  Where the boys wrestle with Daddy on the floor and give Mommy sweet sugar.  Where I sing my babies bedtime songs, rock them to sleep, and tuck them into bed.  Where we pray together, play together, and teach our children to love the Lord.  That's home.  It's much more than just a building. :)
I'm so excited for this next phase of life for our family.  And I'm ready to make a home wherever we may go.  After all, that's my job!  I'm the keeper of the home, and square footage doesn't change that!  Thank you all for praying for us and showing us so much love as we embark on this new journey!  We're excited about what the Lord has for us next! :)
And if you haven't read this article by Biblical Homemaking, you really should!  It encouraged me tremendously!

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  1. You are a beautiful young woman inside and out and I am blessed to know you! Love you Mrs. G

  2. Thank you, Ms. Goodfellow! I love you guys, too! :)